Helpful Tips to Prepare for Oral Surgery

If a person’s doctor recommends oral surgery in DC, it’s important to ensure the person fully prepares to avoid any complications and enjoy a speedy recovery. Oral surgery is usually performed on an outpatient basis, and it typically involves the use of either a local or general anesthetic.

From the perspective of a patient, oral surgery needs to be approached the same way any other surgery would. Make sure to prepare and use the information here to know what to expect.

Follow All Pre-Op Instructions

To avoid problems, it’s important that an oral surgery patient carefully follows their pre-op instructions. In most cases, the individual should avoid the consumption of all water and food for a minimum of eight hours before the surgery. If the individual needs local anesthesia, it is usually fine for the individual to have a light meal several hours before the procedure.

It’s also important not to smoke for a minimum of 12 hours before the procedure and for a full 24 hours after the treatment. Remember, always follow the specific instructions provided by the oral surgeon.

Get the Prescribed Medication

It’s a good idea to head home to rest and recover directly after the surgical procedure. This means to make sure that any post-op medication is acquired beforehand.

Arrange Transportation for After the Procedure

After being given anesthesia, it’s necessary to have someone drive the individual home. Be sure that a friend or family member is available and that they will be there when the procedure is over.

Pick Up Post Op Drinks and Food

After undergoing oral surgery, it’s important to minimize the use of the individual’s teeth and mouth as much as possible. Some general guidelines to use include always drink enough fluids and eat softer foods for the first few days post-op. Also, avoid spicy or acidic foods, and don’t drink through a straw.

Oral surgery can be used for treating a number of issues, illnesses, injuries and more. To ensure that the individual undergoing the surgery has the best chance of a successful recovery, be sure to use the tips and information here.